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3_muses's Journal

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We're a group of people with other common interests that one day discovered that we also enjoyed reading and discussing poetry. So we decided to create a community where we could post poems (already published or original works) and talk about their merits or cite their faults. We don't want to be the police, but we thought it best to establish a few ground rules first.

1.) No flames! It's poetry, and different interpretations are inevitable. But for the sake of group harmony, just agree to disagree and be polite about it. In other words, feel free to state your own reading of the piece, even if it's the complete opposite of everyone else's-just be nice about it. And of course, they have to show courtesy towards you as well.

2.) By all means, if you want to discuss a particular piece of poetry, please feel free to post it for discussion. Just be sure to include the following template or your own facsimile thereof.

Name of Piece:
Year Written:
Website or name of book, anthology, etc where said poem was obtained.
Typed or pasted copy of the piece for discussion.