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Capture Me Challenge [Jul. 4th, 2007|09:15 am]
Good news! 100% of the people polled agree that our 3_muses summer challenge should be an annual event. (Of course, the only people polled were me and futma.)

As the follow up to last year's "Capture the Moment" Summer Challenge, this year we offer:

The "Capture Me" Summer Challenge

Dates: July 4, 2007 - August 4, 2007
Entry type: Any form (metered, free verse, haiku, limerick, lyric, prose, whatever), original or credited to a published author
Multiple Entries: Allowed
Subject matter: The goal of the challenge is to capture and convey something about you, or someone else in your life - a work that conveys the spirit of the person, or captures a specific aspect of their life or personality. You may post a properly credited published work by another author, but we encourage you to have a go at writing an entry, since the subject matter should be the subject you know best.

So use your powers of description! Join in!